EXO TRAVEL. is your one-stop shop for all your transportation needs. we are the best to get you from point A to point B in style and comfort. EXO TRAVEL offers a full range of transportation services to suit any situation, from weddings, airport transfers, tours, conventions to corporate retreats.


Safety is non-negotiable at Exo Travel and we spend significantly so that our impeccable safety record remains intact.


A collaborative approach and value-adding outcomes lead to our customers becoming long-term, loyal partners.


Each driver is interviewed by our management team, thoroughly vetted, and must supply five verifiable references


Quality, Reliable and Affordable Transportation Service

We help our customers to gain competitive advantage through Cost savings,
generated by operating only the eco-friendliest vehicles in terms of engine emissions. We help you improving performance through planning and optimal resource allocation.

  • All rate are confirmed at time of reservation. Exo Travel clients with registered account may benefit from preferential rates. other transfer and quotations are available upon request. Rate are current and are subject to change payment can be made via cash or EFT

  • management, customer service and business administration. He has moreover ensured that He has extensive experience in private transportation feld including trip scheduling, time all drivers are trained to adhere to such standards of customer service as demanded by our clients.

    Managing Director


Gain competitive advantage

We help our customers to gain competitive advantage through effective communication and close collaboration.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is a powerful marketing platform that out on the open road as quickly as possible and has grown faster than any other.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Our vehicles are fitted Wi-fi Hotspots for our client’s convenience. Exo Travel find connectivity  on the move incredibly useful for our customer’s

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